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Forza Napoli sempre! - Moving from France to Italy!

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A short update as I want to finish the transfer window...

We start the new season the way we ended, against Bologna. And we opened the season in style with a very convincing performance from the lads, 8-1 was the score with Nene and Gravenberch scoring on their debuts! 

In the Champions League have drawn with Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, and RB Salzburg. A very difficult group indeed...

Atalanta away is up next. This time we had a difficult match, but ultimately won the match 2-1.


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:



Little bit of transfer news:

- Oscar has been sold to Shakhtar for a fee of 13,75M, slightly above his value. He was surplus since I have quite a lot of midfielders above him.
- I expected nothing major to happen on transfer deadline day, but Tottenham made a 44M bid on Scamacca. Keeping in mind that he won't expect much playing time, decided to cash in on him. Looking to improve the defence, and bought Roger Ibanez off of Roma for 53M with installments. 

- Low bids were made on Fabian and Fratessi by Barcelona, both I still consider too important to sell. Both bids were around the 35M mark and way below their value.
- Wanted to make a move for Tino Livramento of Real Madrid, because he was cheap at 11M, but his salary demands were incredibly insane, and probably a bug of the game. He earns 900K p/w!

In total I spent 557M on new players, which is, well, a lot of money! Over half a billion! But I am very happy with the squad.


Transfer overview:






The team has been improved on almost every front. Maybe the only position that needs a little improvement is the GK position, but Livakovic will do for now, he has been playing really good in goal. We are going to be a force to be reckoned with.


Ideal starting XI:


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Starting after the international break we play against Sassuolo. We had a difficult first half but scored twice in the second half to win the game 3-1. 

Playing our first CL game and it is a home vs Salzburg. A dominating performance from the lads saw us ran out easy 3-0 winners.

AS Roma away was a up next and after a tough first half, we pulled the game in our favour winning 2-1. Next up is another tough game against Inter at home. We played a decent game, but a difficult one for us. Edging it 1-0. Like last year we have a string of difficult matches as Juventus away is up after this one. I really cannot explain what happened here, it seemed to be such a nervy game from our side, or did Juve just play THAT good? We were just 1-0 behind after the first half. I tried to motivate the players and everyone reacted positively, but got the total opposite out the players... A 4-0 trashing and I was fuming. Granted that I really had to rest some key players in this match...

Our next game is again a difficult one: Borussia Dortmund! I wanted to see improvement over the last match. We were quickly 1-0 behind, but it was our turn after this... We turned the first half around leading 2-1, and further dominated the second to win 4-1! 

Cagliari at home in the Serie A is next. We totally dominated this game, but only narrowly won 2-1. After the international break we play against Benevento. ............. Next!

... Which is the home game against Atl. Madrid at home. First minute: Osimhen. 3rd minute: Nene. 2-0 ahead! We finished the first half 3-0 ahead with Osimhen again scoring (He is on a roll lately!) and played out the second half professionally.

On to Brescia away in the Serie A, where Lucas quickly opened the score! Osimhen, coming on as a substitute, made it 2-0 with a penalty. Verona home was a really good game, a dominating 5-0 win despite Osimhen missing a penalty.

Despite the heavy loss against Juventus which is (I think) an incident, we have played such dominating games... We tie with Milan in points at the moment in the Serie A. In the CL we are totally dominating the group, with totally convincing wins against all teams so far.


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:



Chelsea have made Diego Paolino their main target. And you know if that happens you will likely lose the battle to keep him. I have at the moment no interest in other players to buy, just looking for cheap talent here and there. I have put another player of Bordeaux again on my shortlist though: Maximiliano Milano, a newgen winger I bought for them. Not really interested, just keeping an eye on him, because he is great. Also Giorgio Valia of them is on my shortlist, also a newgen with a load of talent... BUT, we will see how it goes! I'm happy with the team at the moment, I don't think there is need to improve unless I find a gem or bargain.

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First game playing is against Atl. Madrid in the CL. Madrid got red carded early and we controlled the match, but forgot to score. 0-0 was the result but we were through to the knockout round after 4 games played!

Next is Empoli at home, we did not have any troubles and won the game 2-0, but should have scored more. Next is Fiorentina away. We played a good game we deserved to win, we were comfortably in lead 1-0, they got red carded, and suddenly they scored the equaliser in the 93rd minute of the game. We showed the game was not done there and Nene scored the winning goal a minute later! What a nailbiting game that was!

Borussia Dortmund is up, with nothing at stake for us at this point. Crazy game, Fabian scored 4 goals, but the game was flowing all around the place, a crazy result: 6-3.

Lazio! Which went easier than I expected, a deserved 3-0 win here! Spezia home is up and we won 5-0. We were 3 points loose of Milan and guess who was up next... We ran out easy 4-0 winners and currently are totally dominating the Serie A!

Salzburg up next and it was an easy 3-0 win.

Last two games of this year are against Torino and Udinese and both are away games. Torino was won 1-0, Udinese was surprisingly strong beat us 1-0, and are, also surprisingly, in second place!

In the first knockout round of the CL we are up against Hoffenheim.

The first game is against Salernitana at home which we won 4-0 easily!


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:




The transfer budget has again been upped to 97M in total, but I'm at a loss at the moment who I want to buy. Just for fun I made Moukoko my main target but he is at 260M (!).

- Eljif Elmas has been sold to Real Madrid for 24,5M, and Luka Susic has also been sold to Bayer Leverkusen for 39,5M

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Want to finish this transfer period now!

Playing Juventus first in the Super Coppa, I don't regard this as much important though. We lost 3-1 deservedly, and Livakovic made a massive mistake with a shot from 45 yards or so.. Cosenza was next in line and we dominated to a 5-0 win, with Osimhen bagging 4 goals. Spezia in the Coppa is next, we trashed them 6-1 with again Osimhen bagging 4 goals! Bologna away then, it ended with a simple 3-0 victory, and a 'new signing' scored on his debut. Up next is Atalanta at home. A narrow win, though we dominated the match, 2-1. The final game before the transfer deadline is against Sassuolo, Osinhem showed his good recent form and scored a hattrick, 6-1.


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:



On to the transfers where we have made some MAJOR moves... Like I said the transfer budget was upped to, well, a lot.. And I wanted to spend it all.

- My first target is a newgen named Giorgi Jacopo, @Markitos signed him in his game and I have been after him for a while too. He will move from us from Liverpool for a record fee of 140M. He will probably play on the left wing. (Note: he is the 'new signing') 😉 


Giorgi Jacopo profile:



We had an extremely busy deadline day...

- Fabian had an offer of Barcelona and wanted to leave, 29,5M was slightly above his value.
- Fabio Vieira has also left to Man City for a total fee of 72M, happy with the deal, above his value.
- Luka Romero was under transfer bid from Liverpool and I think they overpaid with 50M. Happy to sell, way above his value.

- As replacement for Fabio Vieira I bought a 21yo Italian newgen of off Atalanta, Aaron Bertocchi is his name and he can play in multiple positions, for a fee of 79M.


Aaron Bertocchi profile:



- Also looking to improve the midfield, and believe me, I had such a hard time as players I had shortlisted for this position (Moriba, Musiala, Bellingham, De Jong, Zakharyan and Tonali) all shot up in value on deadline day, naturally. Finally settled on Nicolo Barella of Inter, for a total fee of 115M. Although he is a little on the old side, I had to make a move since the midfield has weakened with the sell of Fabian. He will play with Gravenberch in midfield.


Nicolo Barella profile:



All signings made were Italian, this was most of the time intentional, I want to make Napoli a more Italian team instead of a team consisting of many nationalities. 


Transfer overview:



Ideal first XI:



Extremely happy with the squad at the moment! I think the transfer period was very succesful! Though we lacking in depth in central midfield at the moment. First I had too many midfielders, I now I don't have enough. But we'll cope with it, and obviously a next target is a talented midfielder.


Edit: A look at our sponsors... 🤯 The money is insane!


Sponsor overview:


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First game after the transfer period we faced Juventus again, and we took revenge for our earlier loss, beating them 2-0. AS Roma was our next opponent and we narrowly won 2-1. The quarter final in the Coppa against Lazio was up next and we had a difficult game despite dominating, we won the game after penalties. Next in line was Inter, who were in second place, we played a decent game narrowly winning 1-0, and extending our lead in the league. 

Champions League football was up next, Hoffenheim was no match for us, as we won 5-1 away, great game!

Cagliari was also an easy 3-1 win this time around. We had an easy game against Benevento and won 2-0. Juve it is once again, in the semi finals of the Coppa, we drew the first match 1-1 at home. Next was again a very frustrating draw against Verona. 

In the CL we had no troubles beating Hoffenheim and knocking them out, though this draw was already in our favour after winning 5-1 away right? 3-1 was the home score. 

Against Empoli we once again drew the match. Really frustrating since we play very well... We found our rhythm back against Brescia, beating them 4-0 easily.

Next was Inter in the first leg of the quarter finals of the Champions League, it was not a good match, but we beat them 2-0 away from home, which obviously is a great result! Spezia was beaten 2-0 easily between our CL games against Inter, which we lost 2-1 but we are through to the semi's! 

Lazio was up next and we easily won 3-0. Juventus away in the Coppa was next, again it was a draw, but we won on away goals making it to the final of the Coppa! Up against Milan we would win the Serie A, if we won the game. We won 1-0 and lift the Serie A!!!!!!

Away against Barcelona was up next, they were too strong for us away from home, winning 3-1. Inbetween we beat Torino 2-0 before playing at home against Barca once again... Such an exciting game, we beat them 2-0 and on penalties!!!! Through to the final of the Champions League!!!!!!!!!!

We won our second prize of the season beating Inter in the final of the Coppa!! 2-0 was the score after extra time, it is a double!!!

In between we won the remaining Serie A games before facing off to powerhouse Paris Saint Germain in the final of the Champions League. Moukoko (more about him later) opened the score for PSG and Musiala doubled the score minutes later... Giorgi pulled one back in the first half, making it 2-1 halftime. Giorgi made it 2-2, leveling the score early in the second half. It remained this way as we went into extra time. Moukoko made it 3-2 with a penalty, and scored a hattrick a minute later, making it 4-2. Unfortunately we ultimately lost... Still very proud of the boys making it this far!!!


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:



On to the transfers... Remember Moukoko? His value was around 250M at the time I made him a top target. His value dropped significantly to around 140M making it possible for me to make a bid. We agreed on a massive bid of 141M plus future fees. Yes, I am aware I have multiple options in attack, but I just could not resist.

Moukoko profile:



On to my most exciting transfer, yes, more exciting than Moukoko. I wanted a new goalie in place of Livakovic and made newgen Li Yifan of Bayern Munchen my next target. He is a massive talent, I think by far the best goalie in the game. Our transfer budget was significantly upped once again and made a huge bid of 208M, Bayern accepted. There are some future fees. This is my most expensive transfer in the game I made, ever.

Li Yifan profile:


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Let's go on with this game and finish the current transfer period! First game was against Verona, which we easily won 2-0. Lazio was next beaten with 4-0.


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:



- There was an offer of Hertha BSC on Paolino, I'm totally not interested in selling this dude since he is a force in defence, despite Hertha making a 120M offer. Bayern also made a 49,5M offer which was just insulting.
- Renan was also under transfer bid of Juventus, but again, I'm not interested in selling.
- Livakovic was under transfer bid from Newcastle for 31,5M, obviously he won't play at all with Li Yifan in his place, so accepted, he rejected the move.
- Calafiori was under transfer bid, the offer was too low.
- Gustavo Lucas was under transfer of Milan, again, totally not interested in selling. He doesn't want to leave anyway.
- Ribeiro was under transfer bid from again Hertha BSC, I accepted 30M which is a decent fee. He rejected their offer.

- I got an offer to become manager of England, to replace Ruud Gullit OFF ALL PEOPLE 🤣🤣 what the hell happened here?? I kindly rejected.

- On deadline day Chelsea made an offer of 32M on Livakovic, which I accepted, he is sold. 
- I meanwhile wanted a midfielder and put a bid on newgen Tournier, he is a French wonderkid coming from St. Etienne for 78M plus future fees.



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It has been a very decent first half of the season, currently we are still unbeaten, and through to the next round of the CL. We did however have some frustrating home draws in the Serie A against some clubs, but we are still first in the league.

Our first prize of the season is a Supercoppa victory against Internazionale!!! 3-0 was the score.

In the first knockout round of the Champions League we drew Barcelona.

Moukoko is tearing all competitions apart... 29 Serie A goals in 23 matches, and 9 in the CL from 6 matches.


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:



Transfer-wise the budget was upped to 99M.

- Gustavo Lucas has been sold (sadly) to Man City for 180M, as a replacement I bought newgen Noah Meyer, who I wanted to buy earlier in this save, but he chose to stay in his home country which is Germany. He has been bought for 76M off of Freiburg and has similar stats to Lucas.


Meyer profile:



- Davide Fratessi has been sold to Chelsea for 60M, above his value, so quite happy with the deal. Florian Wirtz will be his replacement, coming from Bayer 04 Leverkusen for 120M plus future fees.


Wirtz profile:



- For the future I bought a Portuguese 19yo wonderkid from Braga, he will come for 45M but has been loaned back to mature.

Joao Cunha profile:


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Wow 180m. You're tougher to deal with than Daniel Levy mate with the fees you get from selling players! 🤣

Well done on the Super Cup win over Inter and it's some start to the season you've had being unbeaten. I can smell a league title again 😀

What's the chances of you beating the 102 points total from last season? 😅

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We're on our way claiming our second title! And we are in a CL challenge as well, beating Barcelona on penalties, and Man Utd next on aggregate. Chelsea will be the next opponent in the semi's. We're also still in the coppa and the chance of a possible quadruple is still alive...

Moukoko keeps banging them in, 61 goals in 45 matches!


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:



I've also been given a transfer budget of 139M but no idea what to with it... Think I'll just search for wonderkids or something...

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Continueing with the game! We won the second away leg against Juventus in the Coppa. In the final we faced Inter and we had no problem beating them 5-2 in the final for a consecutive Coppa win! A double!!!

Along the way we only had to beat Venezia for a Serie A win, which we did 4-1 winning the Serie A for the third time in a row!!!!!! A treble!!!!!

In the CL we faced Chelsea, we beat them 2-0 at home and narrowly lost 1-0 away, again a final and again it is against PSG. And right now I have to confess to something. I actually lost this game 3-2 after extra time, after coming back 2-0 from behind. After this I shut my computer to sleep. But my computer also shut the game off for some odd reason which never happened before. It did not close any other applications. So when I loaded the game up I was in the final again. I know, I'm not proud of it, this 2-1 win didn't even feel like a win. I could just restart again, but decided just to continue the game after the win. Feel a little conflicted because it feels like cheating. 


Schedule and results:



Competition overview:



There have also been some transfers. 

- Defender newgen Petr Buchta will join the club from Bayer 04, for a fee of 61M.


Buchta profile:



- Maximiliano Molina will join from (again) Bordeaux for 100M, I was not wrong about this guy and he has grown so much! I think Osimhen will have to worry about his left winger position...


Molina profile:



Should I play the final again until I lose...?

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