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23 hours ago, Johno said:

My scout just found this hidden gem! 🤯 They only want 1.5M for him, could be Jovic replacement if I were to sell him.


My other scout also found this hidden gem too, costing me 2.4M. Already got 3 caps for u's21. Might have to keep an eye on his current club 😉 

Some great finds. I am questioning the authenticity of Pavlovs age though 

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12 hours ago, Derek said:

Any interest in the job mate?


Not at all, was tempted to attend but feel at home with Lens for now as just signed new contract til 2028.

Just entered April, so should finish the season today.

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Wow, what a season for Lens, winning the league without breaking a sweat 😉 

We was knocked out by West Ham as Ben Johnson scored in 90+2 minutes winner in 2nd leg 😞 1-1 at home, 2-1 loss away

Knocked out by Neymar's only goal against PSG in Coupe de France, they went on to win it by beating Lille, on penalties in the final.



Spent fair bit on improving the defence since Danso, went to Inter Milan.

Have been impressed with Cruz, since joining in January.

Next season

Looking at to improve the Defensive midfielder position to strength the depth, will look at improving Lens 2 coaching staff as well and promote few youngsters into Lens 2 to help their development . WIll also be looking at offloading some players that are not needed.

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On 19/01/2023 at 21:11, Tempelman said:

Nice game so far! With my Napoli game it became a little boring with so much money available... You feel the same?

I am finding it interesting, but I am focusing more on youth players. However, I am willing to spend big if the right player comes in to improve the positions I am currently looking for.

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21 hours ago, Johno said:

Meet my new assistant manager 😅 Was looking for a new assistant manager, and he was on the list.

He just couldn't hack the Yorkshire weather bless him. Great save so far and that take over bounty, Lens will show PSG how it should be done

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Won Trophee des Champions again 🥰



Not spent too much time on signing new players, however did focus on bringing players in for depth in the squad, feel how with the signings i have signed in the summer, however still looking to bring in defensive midfielder.


Delighted to get him in as he still decent and can play across the pitch if needed to.


Was looking at young players for the future and came across him and got huge potential ahead of him. Gone back to his former club on loan. Possible replacement for Augusto.


Spent a huge sum on him and my Portuguese scout was crazy about him and looking to ease him into first team cups games. Looks like him and Hazard will be our central defence for years to come!


God knows why I went for him, but will sell him on in the near future. 

Some reason this guy isn't on the list even he joined us in the summer. I am excited about him as he can play both sides, did look at him as a RB for cover but possible to be starter at left back pushing out Cuyper out.

Also spent the summer bringing in new staff to improve the backroom and scouts to improve scout knowledge


Bought in Jung-Bin to scout East Asia

Gope-Fenepej to scout Oceania

Dor to Middle East

Davids to South Africa

Caligiuri to North America


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