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FM Club Takeovers...

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I've had about 4-5 throughout all the FM series and typically it's resulted in a few extra euros to spend or someone comes in to clear the debt I've built up 🤣

Too many transfers over a 36 month payment plan!

I did get the sack once at Darlington which was gutting as I got them to the Prem. My absolute fav save ever with D'Alessandro as AMC and Tevez (Pre-West Ham) up front. Unbelievable pairing

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4 hours ago, Tempelman said:

The club has been taken over by a Dutch billionaire, who bought the club for 1.4B, and let the club float on the stock market. The club has now become a Public Limited Company (Whatever that is..).

I'm still there! 🤣

Sounds fun! Have you won the Champions League with Vitesse?

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1 hour ago, Tempelman said:

Couple of times now, I compete every year... But that is also because in FM22 players tend to develop more slowly than before, it makes building a team for me easier because AI teams seem to buy more not-so-good players...

I agree, I don't see AI developing their own players from the academy, hence they buy already made players. Makes my Saint-Etienne save more fun cos I am focusing on developing my own players.

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