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Why I haven't been active on the site.


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EDIT: I didn't know where to put this post so I just put it in FM Kits since that is where I was active most.

Hello everyone and sorry for my absence recently. The reason is since I can't really work on graphics anymore. I've had my computer stop working and I've had to start using an old Mac I've had. It runs OS X 10.8, which has pretty bad application support. I am able to web browse fine with Firefox Legacy, but almost no new applications work. I've had to track down an old version of Photoshop and I was able to find Photoshop Elements 9. It was a trial version, and the trial has been ended already and there is no way to activate the product. Even if I had the trial still going the app can't open folders and is losing features that the main Photoshop has. New FM releases also don't work on the computer. Then I simply forgot about the site since I had nothing to do on it for so long. Starting now I will try to be more active on the forums. Sorry for all that has been done.


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what about gimp and other open source options -- it's cross-platform from what i recall? i am not too familiar with macos, but i believe there should be plenty of viable and very good graphic programs out there. i feel your pain concerning the hardware, lost a lot of my files a few times to drive crashes and such myself. good luck!

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