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Are you going to watch Qatar 2022?


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My dad is out that way until Monday and mentioned some of the conditions are quite poor to say the least. I'm not going to say I won't watch any games but it will certainly be less than usual.

I think the timing of watching FIFA Uncovered has annoyed me too which is putting me off.

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I don't think there's been a World Cup that I've not been excited about or fussed about until this one. I think with it being the middle of the league campaign (I believe League one and two are continuing) and all the controversy surrounding it just nulled the excitement I have.


I also saw the accommodation that you get for £180 per night, all I can say is they look like converted shipping containers cramped together.

I will be watching some of it but I won't be getting too excited after all the England team is underwhelming.

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Meanwhile. Over here there is a discussion about Jasper Cillessen, you know, the guy who was second goalie all the time when at Barcelona, Valencia etc.

Anyway, he went to lower league NEC (or nek as I like to call them) to improve his chances to play this WC. I will admit this: Holland does not have decent quality in goal, but why in the world would you select a goalie who (appearantly) no club wants to have, except NEK. He went beserk when told he was not selected, and other (former) team mates said he is an arrogant person. 

I am not saying this because of my hatred for nek, but he has never really been any good, at all. Only selected because he played for Ajax at the time, and stuck because we simply did not have any better

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