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Grunge Logos Megapack is a high quality dark logo style created for Football Manager by Derek.

Grunge Logos are available in 512 px high resolution with are perfect in game zoom and Football Manager 2022.

This pack also includes club, competition, confederation, international, media, alternative, fantasy and retro logos with a total of over 77,000 individual files in three sizes including flags.




@AndreaSSL1900, @minky79, @ateesz, @Markitos, @Jamaicaman90, @Moondog777, @Zio Fish, @rioplworks, @spankz, @cameosis, @Manojl76 












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Thanks Dave, it's a team effort.

The skin is actually one we don't currently have here called Material. I normally use another but for screenshots of graphics its quite good.

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After a week of using this logos I can say: AWESOME!!!

I love the work of you guys; logos, faces, flags,....great quality and fast work. I am glad to find this community, this graphics lift my motivation to play in outer space!




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Grunge Logos Update 1

Clubs - 1,353

Competitions - 49

Nations - 4

Flags - 10

Total - 1,416

Note: It’s important to copy the content only from each folder and paste into the corresponding folders in the megapack. 

Do not copy and paste the actual folders.

Thank you to all the research team as always for their valuable help.


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We have just released our latest and final update for FM22 for all logo packs.

Our October updates will be included in all new megapacks for each of our styles with Football Manager 2023 in mind.

All packs will contain logos for FM Mobile users going forward in 180x180 pixel size.

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